My Top 5 Images

After a suggestion from a friend I am going to keep on here a list of my favourite images from LIFE IN ZOOM.  I’ll go into a bit of detail as to why I like each image and what (if anything) I would change.  They’re not in a particular order, it as hard enough for me to pick 5!!!


This image was taken with the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Postaday blog.  The challenge was geometry and I knew in my head what I wanted, a composition whereby all the pieces are identical however can be separated   When I found these pillars I knew I was in luck!  The location was in some lovely gardens and the light was very kind seeing that it was the middle of the day.   I really am pleased with the composition of the image as i feel there is real symmetry in the pillars and the shadows while the brightness of the foliage gives a really nice contrast to the dull grey pillars and walkway.  The image also has (for me) a large amount of post production whereby I feel I’ve managed to draw out the brightness of the greens even more.

I do really like this image and at the moment I do not think there’s anything I would do to change it.

Double Doors

Two doors in a street.  This image is really simple however I personally love the compisition of this photo.  The total contrast of the two houses makes it almost look as though it has been spliced together until you see the slightly haphazard workmenship on the divide that makes it a lot more real.  It reaffirms to me that there are great images all around me if I just slow down and take a second look.

The only change I would make to this image is to have taken it in RAW format (my camera was set to .jpg) so that I could look at different light sources due to the fact the day was very overcast and I feel this comes through the photo.

Running Water Test

Initially just a test I ended up really liking this photo.  It was my experiment to see if I could get that silky effect that I have adored so many times before in other peoples and I feel that I have managed it.  There were a few challeneges with this photo that I had to overcome, it was a bright day, it was taken on a theme park “rapids” ride so there were boats traversing the stream continuously and there were also a lot of people around but I knew what I wanted to achieve and feel I managed it quite well.

The one thing I do dislike is the fact that it is overexposed, I have since bought a ND filter that I feel would enhance the photo so am looking forward to trying that out next time I get the opportunity.


I love animals and I love close up photos that give you another perspective on them.  This shot I am like as I had a few difficulties with it, the low light being the major one – there are about 10 other photos I took out the same time that are all blurry.  I am quite pleased with how much I have managed to keep in focus from such a short range and also the vibrancy of the colours.

The one thing I would have liked on this image is to have been able to take it in more light so that it was not quite as noisy as it is.


Theres a couple of reasons I love this photo, the first being non photo related – this is a bunch of models I painted that I feel stand up really well even though they’ve been blown up to more than twice the size.  As someone who is not a great painter this is something I am chuffed with.

The second reason I like this is that I think it is my best photo for depth of field, only the main model is in focus, the bokeh on everything else has turned out really well – it really shows a level of importance of the character in focus.

My main problem is the noise!!!  I had to have a high ISO due to the low light, hopefully when I have a tripod this can be remedied.




3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Images

    1. Glad you like them 🙂

      I think I’m a loooong way off of competition quality at the moment. I think the ladybirds are all still there at the moment so I might go and get some more shots tomorrow and see if I can take a better shot of them, might even put it on Viewbug for a laugh (some of those shots are truely phenomenal!)

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