About Life In Zoom

I bought myself a present.  That’s pretty much how this story starts.  After contemplating purchasing a new camera for a long time I took the plunge and decided to treat myself with a nice shiny DSLR camera, the Nikon D3100.  This was a massive upgrade from my previous point and click cameras and I knew that there’d be a lot to learn.  Boy was I right.

Looking around the internet for pointers you see the techno babble flung around lackadaisically as though every Tom, Dick & Joe know what they mean.  I didn’t.  Aperture?  Not a clue.  ISO? Less of a clue.  Shutter Speed?  Well yeah…..I could figure that out – but what to use when?

I came to the sudden realisation that if I  want to produce some stunning photos of my life I had best get learning and fast so like a wild eyed gazelle I ran outside and started snapping.  I got some terrible photos, I got some okay photos, I got no really good photos.  In order to improve I’m going to need to take a lot more.

So that’s why I started Life in Zoom.  A place to pull together and analyse my best photos (and probably some of my worse too) in an attempt to learn and improve.  The aim is take a photo a day and upload them.

Here’s to hoping there are a couple of good ones in the end!



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