20/06/13 – Squirrel Close Up


I was going to a friends house for a gaming night after a HORRIBLE day of work so thought I would treat myself to a wander through the park with my camera.  I also decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and go into Full Auto.  Now this is a stretch for me as I have mostly been playing with Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, these are bad practises I am sure for someone trying to learn but it has helped me learn some of the skills to allow me to progress further,

The main issue I had taking these photos was the fact that even though it is the middle of summer and only about 6 in the evening, being Nottingham is was grey and very, very dark.  Because the squirrel (there was only one I could find out of the hordes that are normally there) was moving quite fast and the light was dark I had to be patient to get a decent shot at a slow enough shutter speed (1/125) that it was not blurry and had a decent amount of light in it.  All in all I am really happy with how it turned (love the tree reflection in the eyes).

Focal Length: 260mm

Lens: Nikkor 50-300mm AF-4.5-5.6G

Mode: Full Auto

Aperture: f/5.6

Shutter Speed: 1/125

ISO: 800

Exposure Comp: 0EV

Flash: None

Editing: Flipped horizontally in Photoshop CS5.


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