31/12/2012 – Portrait of a Cow


Funny creatures aren’t they Cows?  When wondering around the Somerset lanes I found this girl who was staring at me as I was walking past her farm – obviously after a photo shoot, so I obliged.  It was a good test of the 35mm lens but meant that I needed to get quite close to her so there was lots of soothing noises…..I probably looked like a proper weirdo!!!

I love the colours in this image, the dark shadows contrasting against the orange hair is quite bold.  The image also shows the lovely blurring of the background that you get on a prime lens over my 18-55mm, the aperture is sooooo much bigger that it is just lovely!

Mode: A-Priority

Focal Length: 35mm (Prime)

Aperture: f/2.8

Shutter Speed: 1/500

ISO: 100

Flash: None Used


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