31/12/2012 – Close Up In The Country


I love monochromatic images, and when you get really close up sometimes just looking in Black and White can really increase the detail in an item.  The above picture is part of some piece of Farmyard equipment (I am assuming a plough?).  It was propped up against the wall of a barn and had been left for a while.  It was rusty and in a state of disrepair….. but full of character.

I got nice and close but unfortunately as with the star I left the Aperture too wide (I’ll learn one day) so the depth of field is not quite as large as I would like it to be…..though I’m not sure if it adds character to the picture.  Below is a larger image of the whole piece of equipment, but first, the photo specs:

Mode: A-Priority

Focal Length: 35mm

Aperture: f/2.8

Shutter Speed: 1/100

ISO: 100

Flash: None




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