29/12/2012 – First Time Layering

Somerset View Layer Attempt No 1



In Somerset, during the floods I took the above shot.  The scene itself was pretty nice though the day was pretty dreadful.  The shot came out dreadfully so I thought it might be time to teach myself some Photoshop!

Here is the original image:



You can clearly see here the very washed out sky.  So I chucked it on ViewNX2 and tweaked the exposure to under expose the image:

Copy - DSC_1584


Sky looks pretty striking, rest of the picture…….black.

So then I chuck them both into photoshop, a little bit of cutting later and I manage to get this:

Somerset View Layer Attempt No 1


The foreground from A and the sky from B.  I have to say I am absolutely chuffed with how it came out!!!  The last thing  did was to crop it into the very top image to make Glastonbury Tor the most prominent part of the photo.

Mode: Manual

Focal Length: 35mm

Aperture: f/8

Shutter Speed: 1/200

ISO: 100

Flash: None


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