28/12/2012- Ahhhhh Bokehhhhhh



My new toy, my 35mm Nikkor AF-S 1.8G.  My first prime lens and what a gift!!

On Christmas day roughly 30 secs after recieving the lens and chucking it on the D3100 I took this snap.   A cute little snowman with some Christmas lights in the background – you can’t go wrong can you!

As I wasn’t paying too much attention (the muppet I am), I didn’t realise I was on 400 ISO, I wish this was turned down a bit.   Next time….

I’m really pleased with how this came out and am really looking forward to playing some more with my new Prime Lens!!!!


Mode: A-Priority

Focal Length: 35mm

Aperture: f/1.8

Shutter Speed: 1/50

ISO: 400

Flash: None



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