26/12/2012 Merry Christmas!

Nikon AF-S 35mm f1_8G DX

Merry Christmas one and all!!!! 

The festivities are over and done with, the Turkey is being used up and wrapping is in the bin.  My final Christmas dinner is in about 1 and a half hours and then it’s all done for a few hundred days.

Above is a picture of my new toy, very kindly purchased for me by my brilliant parents.  I have been looking into treating myself to one of these for all of those times where there’s not enough light around – any night time shoots or parties etc this will definitely be my weapon of choice.  I had a bit of time to play around yesterday and all I can say is…..WOW.  The difference is so much bigger than I could have imagined, the Bokeh especially that I have have got just playing around in my grandparents front room is stunning.  Hopefully later in the week when I am home I will get a couple of examples up.

Anyway, signing off now to go eat and drink some more.  Well it is Christmas!


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