21/12/2012 – Multi Culture Wall



Street Art, I love it.  Living in a diverse city, I love it.  This wall epitomises both.

Nearly 20m away from Urban Mowgli  that I featured a couple of days ago (though a totally different style) this piece goes to show some of the talent we have in this area.  Although the majority of Graffiti art I see is kind of generic to be honest I really love it when someone comes up with something unique and meaningful.

For me the actual “photo” so to speak is nothing special, it is just a wall that I have tried to keep as true to the actual view as possible.  35mm, Eye Level, no editing to colours or lighting (though White balance was set to pre-set “Direct Sunlight”) this image is purely about the content as redisplaying someone elses work in a different format.

Mode: A-Priority

Focal Length: 35mm

Aperture: f/5

Shutter Speed: 1/100

ISO: 400

Flash: None

As a bonus here is a close up of the girl on the left (Sharpened in RAW to show the wall contours etc):



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