20/12/2012 – Cornerstop Jam




Another Monochrome image – how I love them so!!

I really want to build my confidence up for getting good street shots, those magical candid moments, unscripted, unplanned and unknowing.  I am rather shy by nature though, so babysteps are the key here!

This guy was busking in the city this weekend – and my word was he good!  Playing requests for a constant crowd that all seemed overawed, one gentlemen next to me was trying to encourage him to get into the studio!  For me it was a prime opportunity though, so engrossed was he in his music that he wouldn’t notice a weirdy beardy bloke taking some snaps from the side.

I was playing around with Manual mode when I came to do taking these shots so it took some tweaking to get what I was after, I find sometimes my camera wants images more exposed than I like them so we are having a bit of a battle of wills.  I’m pretty sure I’ll win because, well, I’m not an inanimate object!

The thing I really love about this photo is the mans expression, you can see the joy he is getting from his instrument and sharing his music with others.  And fear not – I threw some money into his hat when I was done taking the snaps!

Mode: Manual

Focal Length: 55mm

Aperture: f/5.6

Shutter Speed: 1/50

ISO: 400

Flash: None


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