19/12/2012 – Urban Mowgli

Urban Mowgli

Street Art.  Sometimes Dreadful.  Sometimes awe-inspiring.  Sometimes just pure class.  This little treasure is located just outside Nottingham City centre (up Mansfield road for any interested).

What I really love about these piece is the simplicity of the image.  Just a silhoutte on a brick wall.  But hidden down a path just to the side of a road so that it is peeking out towards you is this.  I love the fact you can see it from the road and at a glance is so realistic you think you are being watched.

With the image I tried to get some depth by including the foreground foliage to show in the image how you see it in real life.


Mode: A-Priority

Focal Length: 34mm

Aperture: f/5

Shutter Speed: 1/100

ISO: 400

Flash: None


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