19/12/2012 – Spinning High In The Sky







The Christmas Market is back in Nottingham, and that means another focal point in Market Square.  This year, a BLOOMING MASSIVE big spinny fairground ride!  My personal preference is the ever more magical outdoor Skating Rink of yesteryear but apparently my opinion isn’t what’s important.  I’m not entirely sure why not to be honest…..

One thing that does not come across in this image is how stupidly high this is!  As someone not keen on heights I am doing my upmost to avoid being dragged onto it.

It is however another opportunity to try and get movement into an image!  Challenge Accepted!

The first shot I took was on about 1/2 shutter speed but due to the lack of a tripod I really struggle to not get camera shake!  I settled afterwards for a 1/4 second and feel it got enough of the movement in the picture whilst eliminating most of the operator induced camera shakes.

On a surprisingly bright Decembers day the colours looked vibrant and bright so I tried to make it into quite a retro look, I had shot RAW and chose to use TN-A2 on ViewNX2 for the white balance.  This is usually to counteract Incandescent bulbs but I really like the “Cheesy 70’s Fairground ™” look you get come through – can almost imagine the cast of Grease jumping on for a spin.

Mode: S-Priority

Focal Length: 36mm

Aperture: f/22

Shutter Speed: 1/4

ISO: 400

Flash: None


5 thoughts on “19/12/2012 – Spinning High In The Sky

  1. Excellent snap, especially without a tripod. I was in Nottingham’s Market Square this morning and the sky looks totally different!

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