19/12/2012 – One of those (purposefully) blurred Images

Blurry Self Portrait


You see them everywhere, those out of focus “arty” style shots.  Whilst playing around with my off camera flash (see my last post here for that) I decided to give it a shot.  I knew I wanted to fill the frame and slightly go over the edges (I had to do that by cropping if I’m honest!) and I knew I wanted the image to be grainy and out of focus to give it that almost unpolished look.

The camera was set up on some drawers, on a box (soon to be wrapped as it’s someones Christmas pressie!!!) – I call this style the workmans tripod for those of us too poor to currently own one.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have one as it is on my Christmas list and I have hinted A LOT that I would like one!

The off camera flash was also on for this one, though sent slightly in front of me and to Stage right, the main flash on the camera covered so not to be too bright.

Overall I am quite happy with how it came out – though my partner (LJ from the Art Officially Sweetened blog – check it out) is claiming it is either too “Emo” or to “Boyband-esque”.  And I can assure you I am neither of those, just focusing hard!

The settings for the image:

Mode: Manual

Focal Length: 35mm

Aperture: f/5

Shutter Speed: 1/125

ISO: 400

Flash: Main & Off Camera both used


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