19/12/2012 – An Admission of Defeat



So a post a day is tough.  Having a full time job I find it pretty much impossible to get out and about to take a photo each day, especially when it is pitch black outside.  Therefore I am changing this from a Photo a Day blog to just more of a  photo stream, when I find an image is good enough, interesting enough or I have learned something from taking it I will upload it.  This will also allow me more freedom to explain why I like the image, or what I learnt etc – rather than just the photo with little accompanying text

As a side note the photo above is yours truely admitting defeat…….whilst trying out my new flash!  I’ve got the Yungnao 468II for Nikon.  The choice was between that, the Yungnao 565 and the SB-400.  In the end the Yungnao’s trumped the SB-400 due to the fact that they rotate horizontally to bounce the flash off of walls not just vertically.  I chose the 468 over the more powerful (and slightly cheaper) 565 due to the fact it has integration with Nikons iTTL technology meaning the flash will work better on auto.

Another bonus (as seen in the above image) is the 468’s ability to work as an off camera slave which the SB400 cannot do.


I’ve had the flash a couple of weeks now however life has been a bit hectic and I’ve not really managed to get any practise in with it, so tonight was the first play.  To achieve the above shot I turned my cameras flash down to 1/32 power and had the Yungnao positioned just behind me, also on 1/32 power (the test shots all came out very bright – see below)



After the tweaking I got this darker image with the light giving an interesting look.  I will play with diffusing it soon, but as it is I quite like the harsh light in the lower right.

It was also a test of shooting in FULLY MANUAL mode.  That’s something else I’ve not played with too much – I’ve been in Aperture or Shutter priority but now I am finding that I know in my head what I want to see and having control over the shutter speed & the aperture value gives me that extra little bit of freedom.

The overall controls for the photo were:

Mode: Manual

Aperture: f/4.5

Shutter Speed: 1/200

ISO: 400

Flash: Used & Slave Flash also used.


So there you are, an admittance of failure and a new direction for the blog – along with a bearded photo of myself!



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