22/11/2012 – Talbot Street Ruin

50 Posts!!!!  23 follows (Thanks!!!!) & 331 Likes (More thanks) have really boosted my confidence and shown me that my photos aren’t all terrible!

Anyway, enough of that – photo time:

This is an image of a (I believe) soon to be demolished building in Talbot street Nottingham.  I’ve walked past it hundreds of times over the past few years (and seeing as it is near to my favourite club, many times in a “slightly tipsy” way).  I’ve slowly watched it transform into a more and more derelict state.  I took this image and when I looked back at it on the computer was really disappointed.  For a building with so much character, colour and texture I did it no credit.  It was over exposed and dull, the character sapped from it.  Then later I sat playing on ViewNX2 (once again, loving RAW) and managed to transform the image into a picture that I really feel does bring out some of the feelings the building passes on.  To see the original photo (I was taking JPEG & RAW) see below.

Mode: A-Mode

Focal Length: 24mm

ISO: 100

Aperture: f/4

Shutter Speed: 1/50


And the (bad) original image:


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