19/11/12 – How to Cut It (A 3 in 1)

I took the above image in Nottingham city centre, I must say I quite like the frozen point in time and the depth with all the different shades of colour.  Looking at the image though it made me think how else it could be viewed.  First – the photo specs:

Mode: A-Mode

Focal Length: 18mm

ISO: 100

Aperture: f/3.5

Shutter Speed: 1/400


First of all there’s a panoramic view:

Now anyone who reads this blog regularly has probably noticed that I love panoramic photos (eg here, here and a couple here for example), I always feel it brings extra space to an image and allows it to feel more real as you can see more as you look left to right).  In the above image it really isolates the two gentlemen in the foreground but then allows you to move forwards to the couple in the middle as well as the theatre goers on the left.  In the inital image after the two men you are drawn to the foreboding building and menacing sky however cropped this way it makes you focys on the people.

Next I have taken it more as a portrait:

I really like focusing on this older man, the way that he is looking at the group in front is almost longingly, I purposefully left it as quite a tall image so that the height of the pillars increased the distance in the image so as to more isolate the man in the foreground.  Personally I see a real story here.  I hope you do too!

Finally the last shot:

This similarly to the last photo focuses on a solitary figure, in this image however it is a person on the move, a real snapshot in time.  Though I don’t finally find as much of a story in this one I just real like the scene with the building dominating the picture and the people all carrying on their everyday lives.

Sorry for waffling so much today, I’m just really happy with how this came out and the more I look at it the more I see – hope I didn’t bore you too much 🙂


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