I Shoot RAW

Photo from http://froknowsphoto.com/

Okay, so I’m a convert.  After spending a couple of days shooting in RAW and fighting with Nikons VIEW NX2 (upgrading to the latest version is a necessity) I can honestly say I can see the benefits.  I’ll post below some JPG v RAW images from this weekend and hopefully you can see why I prefer it.

Curly Bench


The photo on thebottom is the RAW image, as you can see the floor has a lot more depth and the blues are a lot bolder.  The background is also less washed out.


The second of these photos is the RAW file.  With more realistic colours and a sharper image it really is a lot nicer.

Abandoned Building (at a somewhat jaunty angle)

I’ve always adored monochrome images and since getting the D3100 wondered why the images I shot in monochrome were so washed out (see exhibit 1).  After correcting the light, exposure and sharpness in View NX2 I got to the below image.  You can see the damage to the building much clearer and it is far more atmospheric.

Skip It!

I thought I’d do a close up test as well so I picked this rusting, dirty, old skip.  Amending the colours and massively upping the sharpness got me this great detailed image below (I also like the bokeh, but that’s another story).

The Band

The first image was really under exposed.  NO FEAR!  Shove it through ViewNX and suddenly BAM a perfectly exposed image.

Overall I really love the change from jpeg to RAW.  This weekend I have been shooting in jpg + RAW but now I have switched the camera to RAW only.  I can’t wait!


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