17/11/12 – Alternative Office

3 Things I’m playing with here:

  • Depth of Field – I’m struggling to get the hang of using depth of field properly.  I’m very much an all or nothing person so end up using f/3.5 or f/22 and not a lot in between – and I know this is something I’m going to have to nip in the bud pretty quickly.
  • Shooting RAW – Second day of this and I obviously have a LOT to learn to get the most out of it.  I can definitely see the benefits as it is allowing me to get colours much truer to what I can actually see.
  • Post Production – The colours were very vivid in the background so in an attempt to draw your focus to the foreground I have used a Focal B&W based on the figure and quite like the effect.

In other notes this is what I’ll be doing for the next 2/3 hours before I head out and take some photos and meet my friend for a beer.  Good times!

Focal Length: 38mm

Mode: A-Mode

ISO: 400

Aperture: f/5

Shutter Speed: 1/6


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