Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Over at The Daily Post each week they issue a weekly photo challenge, this weeks is “Geometry”   I have had my eye on doing a daily post challenge since I started LIFE IN ZOOM but hadn’t managed to get around to trying it, but this week I made a concerted effort to ensure that I managed it.  My effort was taken on my trip to Alton Towers ( in the gardens.  I found a small old building with columns equally spaced with just a bit of light shining through.  Here is the photo I took:

I really liked the contrast of nature & man, the bright leaves against the bland brown/grey columns and just the small perfectly spaced shadows on the floor.

Some other examples of Daily post images that I liked are linked below:

Myra Limbinos great image of the L.A. Disney Concert Hall

Rahul at RKPics stunning image of a light festival sculpture

An extremely uniformed stone brick corrider by Stephen Ventura:

And Finally, with an extremely clever idea for this challenge, Vicki from “For the love of Clouds” with a preening duck (and related circular water rings)


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