Compilation – Alton Towers




As mentioned in yesterdays photo of the day I took a trip to Alton Towers this weekend, of course the camera came along and I had a play so here of some of the best images:

Landscape of the Towers

I took this at the top of the stunning gardens looking out over towards the castle.  I am really happy with how it has come out as it really brings all the autumnal colours together, I had to trim it to make sure the castle stayed of prime importance in the image and wasn’t lost in the sea of trees (damn only having a 18-55mm lens!  otherwise I could have framed it better originally).

First Running Water Test (with Frozen Water too)

I’d read up quite a bit about how to photograph silky flowing water but this was my first attempt at trying it.  Boy am I pleased with how it turned out!  Taken on the rapids whilst perching on a wooden fence I think for a first attempt I can’t ask for much more.

I took this one slightly afterwards and am quite pleased with the overall image (fast moving ride in the water) but unfortunately the plants at the front are in focus when I should have either moved them aside or focused manually to avoid them,  lesson learnt!

Really Fast!

Obviously being at a theme park I had to try out this newly learnt technique on a really fast ride, here’s the result.  Am quite happy with that!

Some snaps in the garden

Am going to group a few together now of things in the garden that caught my eye.

The Tower At Light

The staff at Alton Towers were testing out the lighting before the fireworks and I managed to snap this shot whilst walking past, it looked pretty amazing there.

Skeleton Sam

This guy was just chilling in the water by one of the rides, my favourite part of this image has got to be the scary looking sky.

And lastly……FIREWORKS

I love Fireworks.

Okay, so there’s some serious camera shakes – it was cold and I have no tripod.  You get the idea though!

I hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures, any comments or criticisms let me know in the comments section below.



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