23/10/2012 – Ogres & Goblins


Today I did something I haven’t done in many months,  I played a game of Warhammer.  It was really enjoyable, a great game with a good friend having a catch up and geeking out.  Also a good opportunity to take some close up photos.  The one above is one of my units, Ogre Leadbelchers, and I really like the level of blur I have managed to get into the background considering there is probably an inch the models at the back and front).

Focal Length: 42mm

ISO: 800

Aperture: f/5.3

Shutter Speed: 1/20

I also took some other shots that I really liked so have included those here too, the first one is a unit of Mournfang Cavalry (mine):

And finally a shot of Nick Baytons fantastically painted goblin army:


It’s a real shame that the background clutter wasn’t moved for this photo as apart from that I love it!


4 thoughts on “23/10/2012 – Ogres & Goblins

    1. I’ll bear it in mind in case I ever want to take a lot of miniatures photos – may have been a touch intrusive last night in the middle of our game! Worth bearing in mind for sure though.

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