Compilation: A Trip To Wollaton

I blogged the other day a photo of a plane that I named Icarus, I took this on the way to go to Wollaton Park – home to Wollaton Hall made famous in the new Batman film.  As I took lots and lots of photos that day I thought I’d pull a few together into a longer than normal post.  They’ll be put up in choronological order so I apologise if some of them look weird next to each other.


Just a sign near where we live, I loved the contrast of the white against the really vibrant plants encroaching onto the sign.


Just a bit of graffiti on a bin on the way to work, I like the fact that someone is trying hard to be antisocial and using a lovely pink colour.  Amused me.

18mm v 55mm

I really like how you can see the difference between Wide Angle & Telephoto on these images (a cattle grid).  With better framing of not being lazy and not cropping it I can imagine that you could make it seem like it’s going on forever with a wide angle lens!

Just a great little spot

I spent a while by this area playing and looking at different settings on my camera and forced perspective.  Really useful for me, and such a quaint little place!


A play with filters & cropping, I really like the level of detail you can make out in the foreground of this image and the small amount of blur in the background to give a decent sense of distance.


This is round the back of Batmans house, I used it as a tester of the Natural vs Vivid settings on the camera – I really like the vivid image (top).

Little Red Tree

All the greenery around and this tree stuck out with it’s bright red autumnal leaves – stunning!

Filter Play

A before and after of a rather unlucky bit of fence, left before and right after.

Nook by the lake

A little bit of scrambling got me to this little nook where I had a great view of the lake with some nice overhanging trees.  I used the flash here and am really impressed as it still looks quite natural.

Bye Wollaton!

One final shot of the hall as I was leaving through a gap in the greenery.

So that was my day – any comments or critique feel free to post below, I’d love to get some feedback.


One thought on “Compilation: A Trip To Wollaton

  1. Amazing pictures, I prefer the natural look of Filter Play and the Little Red Tree is wonderful. Styalised gives real depth and makes you want to study the picture but my favourites of all are Nook By The Lake and Bye Wollaton although out of these two I´d struggle to pick one!!!

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